Galvanic finishes
of luxury interior

A few

Blumetal is an experienced and modern company which provides galvanic finishes for interior design. We are an innovative company, thanks to the continue research of the best finishes. We are able to offer a wide range of solutions and an excellent variety of products so that we can satisfy our customers’ demands.
Our experience makes the difference, as well as our knowledge of materials, but we are also appreciated for our versatility. So, luxury finishes for interior design provided by Blumetal are examples of how a close relationship with the clients can be exploited to give life to products that conjugate aesthetics and usefulness.

We are able to understand our client’s needs, and this is the reason of our willing of proposing many diversified finishes. Professionalism and specialization are the important attributes that govern our way of working, increasing the economical and practical value of our products.