Galvanic Luxury
finishes for
shop fitting

A few

Blumetal is a company which is specialized in the manufacturing of galvanic luxury finishes for shop fitting that can be customized on specific clients’ drawing. There are a lot of examples of shop-fittings, from hanging bars to vitrines, from displays to shelves, including brass, bronzed brass, brushed stainless steel or polished steel.
We attend the entire production process, proving to be the perfect partner for qualified customers offering high standards of quality and the best reliability and versatility. The processing techniques include a lot of finishes such as chrome plating, bronzing, gold, copper, nickel and our exclusive antique blue, pewter and corten.

Moreover, we ensure a very flexible production structure, in order to fulfill any kind of request. That is why we are an ideal partner for all projects, from the simplest to the most sophisticated ones. We always look for innovation: in galvanic luxury finishes for shop fitting, too.